Gift and loyalty cards

Badgy200 - Card printing solution:

Badgy200 plastic card printer

1 color ribbon for 100 prints

100 thick PVC cards (0.76 mm - 30 mil)

Evolis Badge Studio + a software license

Supplies: YMCKO color ribbon for 100 prints - Color printing, part # CBGR0100C Black monochrome ribbon for 500 prints, part # CBGR0500K  

Badge Studio Software will not import data.

You need to go online to upgrade this to Badge Studio Plus Software to import data from Excel.

Go here: ZENIUS CARD PRINTER Evolis Printers offer a great combination of innovative technology and unique design.

Free Shipping.

  • A Great Selection.
  • Lifetime Support. A+ BBB Rating.

    • Highlights Include Chat Support, Access to Experts, a BBB Accredited Business.
    • The Zenius printer produces plastic cards printed on a single side
    • Zenius produces top quality results one color or monochrome cards, one at a time or in small batches.
    • Zenius is ideal for instant issuance of single sided cards: Employee badges.

    Access control badges.

    • For a free online demo and brochure go here:
    • You don’t need a dual-sided printer for printing on both sides of a card. You can use this single sided printer, and flip the card over and run it through on the back side of the card.

      • This saves you the extra $600 you would pay for dual sided card printer.
      • The Evolis Zenius produces individualized cards quickly, easily, and affordably.

        This printer produces single-sided full color or monochrome cards and boasts many optional features that are usually not available in a product in this class, including Ethernet connectivity and smart card encoding.

        In moments, the single-feed printer can print and/or encode unique cards for lots of different markets.

        • Drop in ribbon cartridge
        • Drop in ribbon cartridge
        • Edge-to-Edge 300 DPI printing, same as the Evolis Pebble 4

        Very lightweight and compact

        Zenius is made with two major innovations: Evolis Premium Suite, software, at the core of all new Evolis printers.

        • The software architecture supplies the print center, which monitors all communications between the printer and user.
        • The printer’s operations can be managed from the user interface and through pop-up notifications.
        • Access is also offered by the Printer Manager Directly to the Evolis Web-based Support Center, on a 24-hour basis.

        The Evolis High Trust consumables range is designed to deliver optimal graphic performance, as well as superior ease of use.

        One of the premium features of the Zenius is instant identification of newly installed ribbon cassettes, with configuration of the appropriate settings taking place automatically.


        It’s very easy at each step in the process, thanks to Zenius! You’ll find all kinds of advanced features which have been built into its contemporary design.

        Control panel with LEDs

        Manual feeder

        Control panel with LEDs


        With state-of-the-art printing technologies, the expert version of Zenius can easily be upgraded onsite with multiple encoders. The flexible features guarantee that you’ll always have the best technology in plastic card printing.

        Direct access to ports

        Onsite integration of specific modules*

        Can combine smart card and magnetic encoders within the same printer*

        Your cost to print a Photo ID Plastic Card is 37 cents with this printer.

        Evolis ribbons:

        EVOLIS Zenius, YMCKO Ribbons Color printing on one both sides of the card, 200 PRINTS,

        Part # R5F002AAA

        Black ribbon: Black printing on one or both sides of the card, 2000 prints

        Part# RCT023NAA

        EVOLIS PRIMACY Evolis Primacy ID Card Printers

        • The Evolis Primacy ID card printer is perfect for encoding and printing cards in both medium to large card programs.
        • The Primacy is available with a wide range of options, comes standard with Ethernet connectivity, and is available in single-sided or dual-sided printing models.
        • Primacy card printer
        • The Fast and Versatile Card Printer
        • Printing: Single-sided, Double-sided
        • Encoding: Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless

        Card lifespan: 1-3 years

        Number of cards per year: More than 30,000

        • Card security level: High
        • Speed and versatility
        • The Primacy printer is quick and efficient.

        With advanced encoding technologies, the printer is perfect for printing personalized cards, whether they need to be extremely simple or highly secure. Available as single or double-sided, Primacy meets all card printing and encoding needs for both medium and large runs.

        Primacy is ideal for producing:

        Employee badges

        Payment cards

        National ID cards

        Student cards

        Transport tickets Eco-design

        As part of its eco-friendly design, Evolis:

        • Primarily uses recycled materials in the manufacturing of its printers and consumables
        • Designs compact and light printers to reduce CO2 emissions related to transport and packaging,
        • Reduces the electrical consumption of its printers with a highly efficient prolonged standby mode
        • To see a brochure, please visit the page below and select ”Download Brochure”:

        A video demo of the printer is also available. The Primacy was designed specifically for larger print runs. Medium and large enterprises that regularly have to print membership cards, visitor badges, ID cards or something similar will benefit the most from this printer and its three-year warranty.

        There are specific reasons this printer is recommended over some less expensive printers.

        These are the reasons why. 1) Three-year "unlimited card" warranty 2) We have hired a tech that only supports Evolis Printers + Software (Free support)

        3) The only card printer that is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems

        • As a high performance office card printer, Primacy is the fastest and most powerful in its category.
        • Powerful Card Printer
        • Primacy can Print up to 210 cards an hour in color and 850 cards an hour in monochrome

        There is no need to reload cards after the first 100, because the feeder and the hopper both have 100-card capacities.

        Unlimited card warranty (run as many cards as you want without voiding the warranty) Unlimited card warranty (run as many cards the printer as your needs require)

        Software that offers the ability to “Batch Print” your cards, so you can print 850 cards per hour for black and 210 card color.

        The 250-card capacity of the color cassette (YMCKO) saves you time by reducing the frequency with which the ribbon needs to be changed:

        To see an online demonstration of this card printer go to:

        The ultimate card printer!

        Primacy is a quality printer that is user-friendly, powerful, and time-efficient.

        When loaded with the Evolis encoding technologies, Primacy turns into the perfect solution for issuing cards.

        Take care of your bulk printing needs without worry with this advanced printing solution.

        This printer is perfect for producing:

        transportation passes

        Payment cards